Aztec Gold
Aztec Gold

“Alright men, its time we make ourselves rich,” Captain Emrys yelled toward the excited pirate crew.

The crews excitement is yelled in reply to the captains word. The Gaeafau is sailing up along side the Yong, known to be carrying valuable teas and spices; that’s brings a high profit when sold at the port.

With the Gaeafau  sailing up along side the Yong, the ships sides gleamed in the sunshine, as though it was taunting the crew of the Gaeafau. But the whispered taunting from the Yong, does not seem to be putting fear into the crew; but rather seems to excite the crew even further.

“Alright, when the ship is aligned with the Yong, we are going to hit them hard and fast. Don’t let the Yong’s crew get the upper hand in the ensuing fight.” Emrys advised his crew, while they were preparing to board the Yong.

With captains advise ringing in the crews ear, they boarded the captured merchant ship. Commencing their attack to take the ship and the high value cargo, that is on board the Yong.

After taking the Yong and its cargo, the Gaeafau made for the port of Nassau. Nassau is the port, were Emrys will be able to safely sell the captured cargo for a profit and without prosecution.

After divesting the Gaeafau of their extra cargo, the crew is given their share of the promised profit. This causing the crew celebrate while in port, with the traditional luxuries that pirates always head for: the all important drink, woman and gambling.

Let me know what you think of today’s completed word prompt fill.

Maria x


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