The Gaeafau, sails up along the gleaming side of the Akio. The crew throw the hooks over to the Akio, to reduce the likely hood of the Akio sailing away.

While part of the crew is tying the Gaeafau to the Akio, another part of the crew is preparing themselves to rope swing over to the Akio. The crew of the Akio is ill prepared for the attacking Gaeafau crew, but the Akio crew put up a good fight for a while before they start to become overwhelmed.

Once the fighting ceased and it became apparent that Captain Emrys and his crew have captured the Akio, It was time Emrys and crew to assess the damage left behind from the fighting, such as counting the dead and living of both crews.

In total, the Akio crew was reduced by over half while the crew of the Gaeafuu lost a number of good men. After accounting the dead and assessing the inital damage to the Akio, Emrys and quartermaster Hefin turned their attention to the high valued cargo the ship carries.

Luckily the cargo was not damaged during the fighting for the ships control. while inspecting the cargo, some of the crew members use their boots to test the cargo holds floorboards for hidden spaces. This task is preformed in case the Akio is hauling cargo that is not noted in the captains log book.

“Alright men, if this is all; start moving the cargo to the Gaeafau.” shouted Emrys to the crew.

“Aye, Captain” the crew shouted in reply, before setting to the task of hauling the cargo from one ship to the other.o

I present today’s completed word prompt fill. Let me know what you think, as I am currently getting a little obsessed with my little pirate world.

Maria x


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