antiqueThe Gaeafau was coming up on their latest hunt, The Akio. The word around Port Royal, is that Akio carries high value goods from silks to spices bound for the coast of the Britain.

As soon as Captain Emrys, caught wind of the Akio, he made plans to set sail to hunt down the Akio and take the cargo for themselves. Telling the crew of the new venture, put them into high spirits as this meant more money for them.

The crew of Gaeafau were ready to set sail within two days of being told the news of Akio. The weeks sailing the seas towards the Akio, the seas were calm; the sky a crystal clear blue with no clouds in sights. Captain Emrys and crew took this as a good omen and believed lady luck was on their side.

“Alright men, we are a day’s sail away from the Akio, prepare yourselves and the ship” Emrys shouted.

“There will not be a chance tomorrow, as we will attack at dawn and take them by surprise” Emrys finished.

“Aye, Captain” shouted the crew in reply, before setting about in preparing the ship for the fight that was very likely to come.

In the distant, you could just make out the silhouette of a cargo carrying ship in the distant. With this sighting and the immediate shadowing of a fight, the crews blood and thirst for the first fight they would have in weeks; was rising.

To Be Continued ….

Presenting today’s word prompt. Let me know what you think.

Having great fun exploring my little pirate world, I am creating. Though I am not daring enough to expand further than my little drabble writing pieces at the moment.

So I am continuing writing my little writing pieces that will hopefully expand into a larger written piece.

Maria x


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