Aztec Gold
Aztec Gold

The Gaeafau, sails into the port of Port Royal. Creating excitement among the crew, as this docking was the first time in weeks they would be stepping onto land.

Captain Emrys was standing on the ship’s deck, watching the water decrease between land and ship. “Crew, make sure cargo and necessary tasks are completed, before you hit land and let loose” Emrys shouted to his crew.

“Aye, Captain” shouted the crew in reply. For the next few hours the crew work, almost in complete silence. In no time at all, the ship’s cargo and tasks are completed. Resulting in the Captain, letting the crew loose on dry land to enjoy their down time before their next sea voyage.

Once their feet touch dry land, the crew split up into smaller groups. With the crew drifting towards other crew members they get on well with, before setting off in different directions.

A group of five crew members, turn themselves towards the local drinking hole. It was here that the crew members had their fill of food, drink and women. With the crews mood high with victory from a successful haul and happiness with being back on land. Put the five crew members in a bragging mood, this bragging leads to a bit of gambling.

To Be Continued ….

Continuation of yesterdays word prompt, while fufilling today’s word prompt. Let me know what you think.

Maria x


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