Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

My favorite video game series, is Square Enix Final Fantasy. I have a number of final fantasy games for a number of different gaming consoles.

Out of all the final fantasy games Final Fantasy VII, is my all time favorite game. Final Fantasy 7 has become so popular that it has ended up spawning its own little series of games that expands on the story of Shinra, Solider and Sephiroth. Which I have quite enjoyed because with most video games that presents a very good story-line, they rarely have sequels to carry on the game and story.

The video games branching off from Final Fantasy 7, is a prequel surrounding Zack Fair and Shinra; while introducing Cloud Strife. Another game is sequel surrounding Vincent Valentine and Deep Force.

Final Fantasy 7 story-line is even further expanded on when in 2006 Square Enix released Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. The film is set two years after the events featured in the original video game released in 1997.

My obsession with Final Fantasy 7 is cemented with Advent Children, as this is one of my all time favorite films. No matter how many times I watch it the fight scenes throughout has my heart in my throat from anticipation. Because even though I know what is coming next in the film, it’s still exciting and keeps me coming back each time to re-watch the film.

What I love most with this film is the way the fighting scenes have been produced. There is a sort of elegance and grace to the fighting, that makes the fighting something more than a normal fighting scene in an action film. Although, there is a lot of fighting within the film it doesn’t over the rest of the film. Advent Children also stays true to the video game, in keeping the characters in line and not changing the characters.

Do you have any films that you are able to watch over and over again, without getting bored? Do you have any films that still excite you no matter how many time you watch the film?

Let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy

    1. No time is ever truly wasted playing Final Fantasy. 🙂

      To me, the bad graphics of the game is the best part and gives the greatest feel of nostalgia, because FF7 was released at the time, when video games were starting to come into their own.

      I can’t wait either hoping they release the game for more than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, because I am currently refusing to upgrade from my PS2 and Xbox 360 for just one game :).

      Maria x


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