Walking out on to the ship deck, Captain Emrys took the time to look at all the faces of his crew.

Emrys stood in the circle centre his crew made around him, trying to keep his temper in check; so at to not make the situation they were in worse.

“You want a raise in the profit you receive” shouted Emrys, “aye” the crew shouted in reply. The captain frowned at this, because it meant that he needed to explain the situation to them.

“At this point in time, I am unable to adhere to your request” the Captain started. “We may have been going after higher value cargo ships, that has been making a profit” he continued “But the extra profit that we have made had been put, too paying of the debt we have incurred while docked at Port Royal.”

With this reply, the crew starts to shout their displeasure towards the Captain. Emrys has trouble keeping his temper in check, at this shout. “If you lot had kept your spending on drink and women low while in port, we would not have to be paying of the incurred debt” shouted Emrys, at this shout the crew slowly quiet down.

“We also have to make essential repairs to the ship” Quartermaster Hefin chipped into the conversation going on.

Finally, Captain Emrys thought; we are getting somewhere. The situation they were in seems to be dawning on the crew. Emrys looked to his Quartermaster, to gauge his reaction towards the crew.

“We are going after two more fairly high value cargo ships, these two captures will help finish paying of your incurred debt. While completing the last of the ships repairs needed” Emrys finished “But only if you follow my orders and don’t increase the debt owned, while we make port for two days.”

“After the repairs and debt is cleared, we may come back to this conversation. But only if you lot, follow my orders. What says you?” the Captain shouted to the crew.

“Aye” the crew shouted, “we will follow, but only if we have you word, this conversation will be discussed later.”

“Aye, it will be” Emrys replied, this reply from the Captain seemed to satisfy the crew. As they were starting to look less angry. This shift in mood and temperament seemed to release a withheld breath the captain and quartermaster seemed to be holding.

With the Crew’s challenge diverted for the moment, the Captain started to relax. The captain turned to make his way back to his ready room, to continue over looking the details for the next ship taking. “Quartermaster Hefin, inform me when we are ready to make port” Emrys shouted to Hefin, while walking up the stairs. “Aye Captain” Hefin shouted back to Emrys.

To Be Continued ….

Presenting a continuation to yesterdays prompt fill, while fulfilling today’s prompt.

Let me know what you think.

Maria x


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