“They dare to challenge the Captain.” Emrys shouted in anger towards his quartermaster.

“They challenge what is due to them ” Quartermaster Hefin calmly replied in face of the captains anger. Quartermasters reply caused the captain to pace around captains room.

“Whats due to them” Emrys spat “whats due to them, is nothing short of what they are currently receiving”

“Well Captain,” Hefin begins “the crew believe since we have been going after higher value cargo, they deserve a raise on their profits”

With this reply, quartermaster Hefin turns and walks out of the Captains room. Leaving the Captain to his thoughts, who was still pacing the length of his room. Captain Emrys continued to mutter to himself, while pacing before abruptly turning towards his desk. Where strewed across the desk was piles of parchments with different ship details written on them.

“A profit raise, a profit raise” Emrys muttered, flicking through the parchment. “They are mad, utterly mad” he continued, Emry starts to gather the ships accounting information; to prove the crew that after dividing the crews share from the final figure of stolen cargo. There is only enough profit at the moment to cover the costs of running the ship and making the necessary repairs in the ship.

After gathering the information he needed, Captain Emrys marched out his ready room and headed towards the ship’s deck. Once reaching the deck where the crew was gathered.

Captain Emrys looked to his quartermaster and nodded at him, before taking a fortifying breath. Emrys than walked straight into the snake-pit that was his crew to meet their challenge.

To be continued ……

Today’s prompt that will be continued in tomorrows word prompt. Looking forward to your feedback.

Maria x


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