Wild Grass
Wild Grass

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the sky was crystal clear blue and their was no wind, not even a breeze. Because of the beautiful weather, the family decided they would have a family day out.

Mother whipped up a picnic, with all the families favorite foods. While Father gathered picnic blankets, cushions and lanterns. While Sister and I looked for the radio.

After gathering everything the family needed for the picnic. The family set out for their favorite country field, that is covered in while flowers. The wild flowers growing, featured an array of colors varying from purples, pinks, reds to even blue flowers. Making the field look as though it was bathed in a rainbow.

When visiting this field, sister loving running through the flowers and tall grass. As according to sister, it makes her feel like she is on a different planet or from another time. I agree with my sister about when sitting in the field among the wild flowers and tall grass of being on another planet.

As there is no cars passing the field, there is no technology around us. So it ends up being very quiet and peaceful. So my family and I enjoy our day relaxing and enjoying the wild flowers and sunshine.

I present today’s prompt fill, let me know what you think.

Maria x


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