Star Wars

Star Wars
Star Wars

After the completion of watching all eight Harry Potter films. I moved on to watching the complete film series of Star Wars.

Star Wars for me is the original sci-fi film series, no other is able to beat it. Although some film series have come close like Star Trek and Matrix, Star Wars always comes out on top.

Star Wars is a film series that has fantasy elements but it does not seem unrealistic of what the future may possibly be. Even though there is number of years between the release of the first three finals and the last three films. There is no disconnection between them, the only difference is the technology used both featured and in making the film.

Watching the films has me thinking about the new Star Wars film that is being released in December of this year. I am both dreading and looking forward to the release because I want to know if the film is as good as the original six. Or if the film has gone completely off course and is ruined.

This is my main worry and question. Another worry is how well will a Star War film hold up without dark jedi’s and Darth Vader etc. As this is a running theme throughout the six films

Another worry of the film is that they have got some of the original cast from the Star Wars films released in the 70s and 80s. Could trying to incorporate older film cast members into a brand new film with a story line that is not much related to the original script ruin the new film.

Because some audience members may think, with the original cast members; the film may follow the original films. But if the new film does not follow the original films, it could end up disappointing a lot of audience members.

Are you looking forward to the release of the new Star Wars film? Let me know your opinions?

Maria x


3 thoughts on “Star Wars

    1. I am trying to avoid spoiler articles, so it does not ruin anything about the film for me. I do hope that the directors let the new stars of Star War stand out rather than pushing the original leads too much.


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