Mummy and Babies
Munchkin with Gracie, Calamity and Garfield
Sally with Harry, Amelia and Gizmo
Sally with Harry, Amelia and Gizmo

With having some many cats in the house, throughout the years. My family and I have only ever had to deal with 4 litters of kittens in the last 11 to 12 years. The first two litters was around the 10 to eleven years ago, we had a female cat that got caught twice. Out of the two litters we only kept 2 of the kittens, that has since passed away due to being killed on the road. After the second litter the mother went wild and we had to re-home her onto a farm.

The other two litters, we have had to deal with was last year. When both of our female kittens due to be neutered, went into heat and we did not know that the Male ginger cat Charlie was not fixed. Charlie caught both of them.

We were worried about Munchkin more than Sally during the pregnancy as she was a small cat with a thin build. But Munchkin surprised us all when she gave birth with no problem, she even purred through the entire birth.

Where as Sally, we did not worry too much because she was a big cat, but she struggled with the first two kittens because they were in the same sack. We had to help Sally ease Gizmo and Amelia out of Sally and help them to start breathing as Sally did not want to go near the two female kittens at first.

Sally had two more male kittens one was Harry and the other was Spock: who did not make it past two weeks of age before passing. Which is a blessing for him because he was not growing and he had disabilities. His legs were not developed, and I know cats with disabilities can live normal lives, Spock would have been in and out of vets for most of his life if he had lived. But we did not want to that to Spock, because we vowed when we starting homing cats, is to not put a cat through unnecessary ordeals, which it would have been for Spock. So we did what we could for Spock and said that if he lives we would do all we could but if he passed, he was not meant to survive.

Munchkin and Sally’s kittens were born within two weeks of each other and are now over a year old and causing mayhem around the house. Although for the past two-week, 11 of the 16 cats have been suffering with a summer cold that we have dealt with. The cats loved it a little because it meant they got extra pouches and cat milk to help keep them hydrated, but they hate the sneezing they had.

Sally does not have much to do with her kittens now except for when Amelia and Harry and demanding she clean their fur. Munchkin hates the fact that her kittens are independent, Munchkin several times a day picks up a toy in her mouth. Walks around the house meowing her head off, calling the her kittens so she knows where they are. If Munchkin was still able to feed the her kittens, she would still be doing it now.

Maria x


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