Aztec Gold
Aztec Gold

They have to find a way to pay the money back. The Bank is starting to demand payment for the money we borrowed, we have tried everything to rise the repayment money.

We have raised the taxes the people pay, as high as possible. We have introduced new taxes to the people, that has caused a stir. The raising of repayment money has been done so far, without encroaching on our lifestyle.

To raise more of the repayment money, we need to look at cutting unnecessary luxuries. We need to cut down on buying luxury food, no buying clothing such as gown; when it is not needed.

Maybe, by raising the money this way. It will work to our advantage in paying the debt of quicker. But also endear us to the villagers, as they would see us making sacrifices; just like they are.

Latest prompt fill completed. Hopefully tomorrows prompt will hit on a different subject theme, rather than Game of Thrones theme. I am kind of obsessed with GRRM world at the moment and it is hard to pry myself away from the world.

Maria x


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