Bread & Salt
Bread & Salt

Its suppose to offer them protect while in their home

No harm was to come to them

The bread dipped in salt was to offer protect

The protection was to please the gods

Breaking of this sacred vow by the House Lord, will curse the house

Cursing of the House, brings bad luck to the entire House

Curses the future of the House, loses the trust of other Houses

Losing the trust of Houses, loses the protection given from other Houses

No protection from vengeance-seeking Houses, that will come

They should not have broken guest rights, they will regret it

A little poem inspired by the Red Wedding featured in Game of Thrones, as before season 5, this was the most shocking moment for me. As it was completely unexpected and in some respect is still quick shocking. This program has become one of my favorite television program at the moment. I can’t wait for the new series in April next year.



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