Life update

Hi all,

Giving a little update on my life and my writing. Just wanting to let all my readers know that if they notice a difference in my writing lately and if there is any difference in my writing for the next couple of weeks.

If my readers have noticed a difference already, I am currently dealing with a cold that is seemingly going through all 16 of my cats it seems like. I am also dealing with one of my cats being killed by being run over a couple of weeks ago. It’s still hard at the moment because I keep expecting Kizzy (shown in featured image) to come through the back door ready for her tea.

On top of the colds that cats currently have, our oldest cat Buffy is taking a turn for the worst, so we are preparing ourselves for when her time comes. Just praying Buffy doesn’t catch the cold, as her health would get even worst.

On top of my poorly cats, my mum has had surgery this week and will be bed bound for the next few weeks while she recovers. So my dad and I are taking over the running of the house, while also caring for my mum. Leaving me unable to devote more of my time to focus on my writing. But I will continue to post a blog each day for the 100 word challenge.

So a few of my posts may end up being posted late at night after very little thought put into the post. Although sometimes putting little work into my writing produces some of my better work. Because if I leave my writing for a little while, I lose the motive to continue with writing and I do not want that as I enjoy my writing and creating blog posts.

Maria x


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