They are made up of different colors

They look so very innocent

But the most innocent looking, can be the most deadly

They paint the Ocean, a rainbow of color

The most colorful, can cause the greatest harm

They swim around all day

Going from one side to the other side of the ocean

Without a care in the world

They look so very innocent, a flowing rainbow

They are known as fish

Sometimes harmless, sometimes deadly

All depends on which kind you would meet under the sea

Let me know what you think of my poem, I am a little unsure how my poems are going.

Maria x


2 thoughts on “Fish

  1. Hello Maria. Enjoyed this blog entry. Your photo and the storyline complement one another beautifully. Expand on this concept for yourself and either choose the picture you want to describe or else write from the heart and search the web for the photo that exemplifies what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day.

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