“They look so pure, so innocent” sighed Seren while gazing at the array of icicles. The icicles were hanging down in different sizes from the ceiling.

“Seren, they may look innocent, but the icicles have the potential to end lives” Meirion explained while also gazing at the icicles, watching the light beams play on the icicles.

The light beams Meirion was gazing at, was throwing different colors all around the cave. Turning the cave walls into a rainbow of color. The main reason for Seren and Meirion being in the cave was to trying and find clues about the disappearance of their two other friends. Golden eyed Llew with his black as night hair and blue-eyed with her brunette hair Aeron, were last seen going into this very cave not two days past.

But with their friends disappearing at the time of the unusual freezing conditions, most of the villagers were unwilling to go outside and look for them. So if they wanted any chance of finding their friends, Seren and Meirion were just going to have to brave the weather and try to find their friends themselves.

“I know” Seren replied, while watching where she was walking. to make sure she did not lose her footing; while staying out from under the icicles.

Maybe after we have found what we are looking for, maybe we will be able to admire the icicles from a safer position Meirion thought. Maybe when we are not worrying about surviving or worrying about our friends.

“Meirion, what do you think may have happened to Llew and Aeron” ask Seren, while crossing on particularly slippery ground patch.

“I am not entirely sure” he replied “they may have either purposely or accidentally slipped further down into the cave” Meirion finished saying.

Just as Seren and Meirion finished crossing over the icy ground under the icicles. The cave just all of a sudden seem to open up, as though the cave was ready to revel their secrets.

My first entry into the Gaeafau universe, this will hopefully jump-start writing in this universe for me.

So let me know what you think of my first foray in attempting to create a world, that is not only the same as ours but also different at the same time.

Maria x


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