All Seren Levett wanted to do was dance, dance to her heart’s content. She first learned about dancing and the joy dancing good bring her; she was only four years old. Seren could not remember the first dancing piece that ensnared her attention.

She just remembers thinking that the ladies dancing looked graceful and elegant, as though she was from another world. From this one instant, Seren decided she wanted to dance; so she took lessons; practiced for hours on end every single week.

Seren learned different genres of dancing: Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Swing etc. Out of all the dance genres Seren’s favorite dance type is ballroom dancing. This style of dancing allows Seren to feel other worldly and something not entirely real; as though she was in a dream.

When Seren and her partner dances is feels as though magic they have never known about, has been unleashed into the world. Making the world around the burst into colors, that shine brightly drawing the eyes of the audience in and enthralling them in the ballroom dance routine.

In addition to the dancing, the ladies dancing gowns entranced Seren; because the gowns were beautiful and elegant while still being glamorous. The ballroom gowns make Seren feel like a princess when dancing.


Let me know what you think of my first fiction story for my 100 word challenge.

Maria x


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