Falling Snow

cb8e5ab2dc5ce87731ca5d545e90b7e3With the unexpectedly freezing winter, they were currently experiences. The people were surprised that the waters and the waterfall did not freeze over. As, they had been told that when the weather turns especially cold; the water would freeze over.

But the water was surprisingly warm to touch; the water was warm enough for people to be able to swim in it. Some people took advantage of the warm water, taking a chance to have a swim while surround by the pure white snow. As, being surround by the blanket of snow made it seem like as thought they were in another world. As everything was silent and still except for the rushing of the waterfall.

The villagers said that standing behind the waterfall with the water falling around them; made the world and all the their problems was “a world away from them.”

The blanketing of pure white snow seemed to help drown out the pain of the freezing temperature, that was starting to appear in the villagers. The villagers seemed to have taken the falling and blanketing of the snow as a sign. But, they could not say what the sign was about; the villagers just kept calling the snow “The Sign.”

As, the villagers took the snow as sign; they all subconsciously decided to once a week, have a swim in the lake at the bottom of the waterfall. During this swim they placed a small token under the waterfall, when questioned about the small token. The villagers could not say why they offered the small token, it just felt right to place the small token there. One or two villagers tried to explain the feeling as a sort of compulsion to place the token there; but there was no driving force behind the compulsion, it was more like a hint or a small shove.

Maria x



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