Day 28: Laugh Out Loud

Day 28 of the 30 day challenge ask for five things that makes me laugh out loud. Trying to think of just five things that make me laugh is a little impossible because there is a lot of things that make me laugh.

  1. My cats – I love my cats and they do funny actions that makes you just want to laugh
  2. Film and television bloopers – It’s funny to see actors making mistakes and making a joke about it
  3. Family and friends – My family and friends do and say some funny things
  4. Comedies – I love funny films that I just can’t help laughing to
  5. Myself – I say the random thing, that just make my family and I laugh

The above list shows five things that makes me laugh out loud. At the moment these five subjects are the only things for definite that will make me laugh out loud that can be explained to other people. Because, the things that make me really laugh out loud is really random stuff, that other people may not find funny but to me is absolutely hilarious.

It is definitely hard to say what exactly makes you laugh out loud, because what you find funny is different to everyone, so trying to explain to other people, a certain word or action makes you laugh out loud. Because, that word or action could seem normal to other people.

Maria x



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