Day 27: Kickass

Day 27 of the challenge ask for me to Conversely, to write about something that kicking ass right now. Not an especially long blog post today, but to me something that is kicking ass at the moment is my writing. I only started this blog 27 days ago and I am having a lot of fun with my writing.

I do have another blog that is all about kpop and the Korean entertainment scene; I have been writing in my kpop blog for over a year now, but I don’t have as half as much fun writing that blog compared to this blog. Because, in my kpop blog is slightly dictated by outside sources, but this blog is completely dictated by my own personal interests.

This blog is allowing me to explore the different areas of writing, without trying to keep this blog focused on one topic like my Business of K-pop blog. So I am exploring my writing and letting it take me were it takes me, without putting limitations or restrictions on my writing.

Maria x


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