Day 26: Life Change

Day 26 of the challenge asks me about an area of my life, I would like to change and after put some thought; the area of my life I would change is my creative/ imaginative side.

I would want to change me creative side to not only be more daring in what I create but to also think outside the box when it comes to creating a world for my writing. As I tend to limit myself in my imagination because I am afraid of writing something, that another may have already written.

As I read a lot of books and some of them have their own complete world, the way the worlds have been create, makes it seems like no ordinary person could come up with.

So, yes this is the area I would change and I am making small steps to change this area but it is slow going and a little daunting; but I am slowly getting there and I am trying to find ways to help with this change.

It is definitely hard to create something, because we have been influenced by other writers all our lives, that this influence can sometimes limit our own creativity or completely unleash our imagination.

Maria x


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