Day 25: ICE

Day 25 of the challenge asks me to choose a word and look for a corresponding image on Google and write something inspired by the 11th image shown, so this is my little inspiration story.

My little inspiration story may a been a little influenced by my recent obsession with GRRM Game of Thrones series, So if there is any link the reader has to Game of Thrones it is pure coincidence.

cool ice background
cool ice background

They knew the cold weather was coming, that Winter was starting to settle in. They prepared as much as they could, made sure they had enough provisions: food, drink, wood, warm clothing.

They though, they prepared enough. But what actually came and settled in was much worse than they though it would be. It was a lot colder than what they were use to, they say the freezing temperatures were unexpected.

Although the freezing temperatures took them by surprise, they endured the cold. They rationed the provisions they had stored for the winter, to make sure the rations lasted for a longer time. The people were not sure how long the winter would last because of the freezing temperatures, as this winter was worst than the last.

After enduring the winter winds, the snow storms that also came and surviving the sometimes below freezing temperatures. The spring slowly creeps in, it first starts with a hint on sunshine through the snow clouds. Followed shortly after by the melting of the ice, making it known to everyone that the temperature was starting to warm up.

The first flower buds announced to all that spring was here and it was here to stay for a while. With this announcement of spring, the people start venturing out again. They start living their lives again; going around completing their day-to-day tasks.

They survived this difficult winter with only their normal winter preparation because they had been caught unaware, as they had never truly had a harsh winter before. However, next winter they will be better prepared, they would gather more rationing than they would need; so they would not be caught unaware again.

Maria x


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