Day 24: Hard Lesson Learned

Day 24 of the 30 day challenge asks about a lesson that I have learned the hard way.

The lesson I learned the hard way was my education. I have already explained my secondary education problems in previous posts.  Because I never tried that hard in school when it came to coursework and I was never very good with exams and the pressure that comes with exams. I never did that well in regards to grades, the only subject that I really tried at all with was GNVQ Applied ICT, resulting in my highest GCSE grade which was a merit.

Because of not trying in school, resulting in poor grades, this limited what courses I could take in college, in the end I completed an IT course; before eventually going the direction of completing business studies diplomas and BA degree.

But, because of my grades, I had a limited options on college courses I could choose, because some of the courses that I may have been interested in requires grades in English and Mathematics that I did not have.

So I learned a hard lesson when choosing my course for college because I realized that if I tried harder in my school subjects, I would have had more course options to choose from. Thinking back on my past now, I think that if I tried harder, and was able to choose a different college course would my career path be different.

So not applying myself when I could, was a hard lesson to learn, so I decided to work with what I had and applied myself to my college and University courses to achieve the diplomas and BA degree that I now have.

Because of this lesson, if anyone comes to me for advise about how to achieve what they want, I would tell them to apply themselves. Because as long as they work hard for what they want, they will be able to achieve the goal they set out for themselves.

Maria x


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