Day 21: Lessons

Day 21 of the challenge asks me what three lessons would I like my future children to learn from me.

The first lesson is always be honest and tell the truth because no matter how many times you may try to lie, the lie will always be found out and could potentially cause a lot of harm and hurt depending on the lie that is told.

The second lesson is always be kind to animals, as I am big animal lover and even if my children are not as big animal lovers as I, I would still want my children to still be kind to animals, as animals are still living creatures and have feelings.

The third lesson is to be respectable to others, because if they want to be respected by other people they would have to be respectable to others. as the saying goes “treat other people how you, yourself would want to be treated.”

These are the first three lessons that I could think of at the moment and there is definitely more lessons that I would want my children to learn from me, but listing them all in the blog post would make it too long to read.

I would love to be able to teach my future children all the lessons they would need to survive in life but unfortunately, some life lessons can only be learned by someone making mistakes: like heartbreak, disappointment etc. Because, unfortunately children can not be protected from everything and if they are protected from everything, children would never learn anything. They would flounder in life, with a lot of problems and would suffer even worse when the parent has passed on, because they would not be able to do anything.

Maria x


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