Day 20: Celebrity Crushes

Day 20 of the challenge asks about 3 celebrity crushes that I have.

1:  Cho Kyuhyun


2:  Kit Harington


3:  Johnny Depp


These are my three celebrity crushes, the first is Cho Kyuhyun, who is a member of South Korean idol group Super Junior, who are currently celebrating their tenth debut anniversary since 2005. As you have probably gathered from past blog posts I have a bit of obsession with Korean music and Super Junior is my favorite Korean group, so it only stand to reason on of my crushes would be Korean.

My second celebrity crush is Kit Harington, I only got into Kit this year when I final watched Game of Thrones, it took about 2 weeks to watch all four series, while series 5 was being recorded. Game of Thrones has become one of my favorite television series, with my favorite actors from the show being Kit Harington and Sophie Turner.

My third celebrity crush is Johnny Depp,  I have had the longest crush on him right from the start of Pirates of the Caribbean series and it has not waned yet. I like the fact that when it comes to acting his roles are always different and the characters are always presented differently so you don’t think its the same character in all the movies just dressed differently.

Maria x


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