Day 19: First Love

Day 19 of the challenge asks about my first love, and I don’t actually think I have ever been in love. My longest relationship was just under a year, but I was never in love with him. So really can’t write much in this post, but the topic of discussion does make me wonder how do you know you are in love and if you do realize you are in love with them. How are you able to move on from that love to loving someone else?

Because to me if you are in love with someone why would you leave them, if you truly loved them and maybe because I have never been in love, I could be a bit naive in my thinking. Naive or not, I still think that unless there is something seriously wrong in the relationship or the people, you should possibly make the biggest effort to make the relationship work because the people in the relationship are making the conscious effort to make a relationship and a life together.

Because to me I wouldn’t want all the effort and my feeling that I have put into a relationship to be for nothing because it could just end up hurting me and I don’t really handle hurt feelings well.

So let me know about your thoughts on a relationship and how you handle the ending of a relationship.

Maria x


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