Day 18: Facts

Day 18 of the challenge asks for 30 facts about myself and do you know how hard it is to think of 30 facts about yourself, it’s not easy.

  1. I am 25 years old
  2. I am quiet
  3. I am family oriented
  4. I am protective of my family
  5. I am dyslexic
  6. I am an animal lover
  7. I am controlled by my animals
  8. I listen to Korean music
  9. I love anime
  10. I love the rain
  11. I like to read
  12. I love to crochet
  13. I know how to knit
  14. I graduated University
  15. I love action packed films
  16. I like detective programs
  17. I don’t like to do gardening
  18. I love the colors blue and green
  19. I am afraid of bees
  20. I am afraid of snakes
  21. I am easily distracted
  22. I forget the simplest of things
  23. I like reading fan fiction
  24. I have a complicated family life
  25. I am the youngest child in the family
  26. I wear glasses
  27. I have my ears pierced 3 times
  28. I love chocolate
  29. My favorite season is Autumn
  30. My favorite holiday is Christmas

Here is the list of 30 facts about myself. Not a whole lot to say about this post that is said in the list of 30 facts.

Maria x


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