Day 16: Missing

Day 16 asks about something I miss and the only thing I can think of that I miss, is my cats that have passed away over the years, either from old age, run over or having to be put to sleep.

As my family and I are big animal lovers, we always have animals in the home, as you may know from previous posts. So over the years we have had a number of cats that have passed away, 6 cats lost to the road, 7 cats to old age and 1 cat had to be put to sleep and we lost a kitten at 2 weeks because he didn’t develop properly.

Each and every time we have lost a cat its just as hard to copy, and people say that its just a cat, there is no need to get so worked up about it. But the animals that we take into our home become part of the family so much so that they have the run of the house to a large extent. We are constantly buying toys and treats for the cats.

So when one of the cats passes away its like having a piece of your heart ripped away and no matter how much time passes by, I still miss them and I always think about them remembering, their personalities and their individual kirks that they had.

Some of the pain from the cats passing away have dulled over years, as some of the cats passed away over five or so years ago, but some pains are still fairly fresh as Betty only passed away this year. So, yes my cats are the thing that I miss the most.

Cats Names

Passed away because of the road

Smokeyjoe                   Sooty                 Smokey

Pixie                             Tigger                Betty

Passed away because of old age

Sookie                       Whiskeymonster        Whiskers

Pipper                        Lily                             Sweep


Put to sleep


Maria x


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