Day 14: Movies

Day 14 of the challenge asks about my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again without getting bored with them. There are loads of movies that I am able to watch, that if I sat and wrote them all down this post would become very long.

There are five movies series that I am able to watch am able to watch: Transformers Series, Harry Potter Series, James Bond (but only the films with Daniel Craig), Die Hard Series and The Expendable. These five series are among my favorite because they are very action heavy with little to do in regards to romance because although I enjoy a good romance film, I much prefer a good action film to get the blood and adrenaline going.

At one point I watch the first Transformers film three times in one day and as I said in my previous blog post, my family and I watch the complete Harry Potter series once a year at least. This happens as well with the Die Hard and the Expendables series as these film series are the type of films that do not grow boring after so many viewing.

But there is individual films that I am able to watch and they are: Labyrinth, Calamity Jane, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I watched these three films when I was a little girl, that whenever I watch them now it always takes me back to my younger years.

These three films still hold their magic for my because I think that there is rarely any films of their genre made the way they are. I know Labyrinth is  fantasy film and fantasy films are still being made today they just don’t hold the same appeal as older fantasy films do for me.

Western Films are very rarely made these days and they are only made when some other type of genre is mixed in with the western genre. I think the reason I like these two films so much is because they had strong female leads that were not willing to give in too much with men.

Calamity Jane is one of my all time favorite films, so much in fact that I name one of my kittens Calamity Jane after the female lead in the Western Musical. These three films are also in their own way a musical film; the musical genre is on of my favorite genres to watch.

Maria x


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