Harry Potter


I am sat here watching the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows part 2. I have watched this film so many times, my family and I have a Harry Potter weekend once a year; usually around New Years.

No matter how many times I watch the films especially the final film. I always get nerves and anticipation curling in my stomach, even though I know what is going to happen next and it’s not truly surprising anymore. It always feel like I am watching the film for the first time and I am always on the edge of my seat while watching. It makes me wonder, does anyone else get like that when watching a certain film? Do other people have a favorite film, they can watch over and over again without getting bored with the film?

But watching the film above all else makes me wants to read the books again from the beginning again and I still have to read final Harry Potter book. I have never been able to bring myself to read the book again because if I do that means the book series has ended for me, even through I know how the series ends anyway.

I think the reason I am reluctant to finish reading the Harry Potter series is that, the series had a large influence on my younger years: I had the games, the earlier films, a Harry Potter clock. My favorite character was Draco Malfoy and I had a soft spot for professor Snape, this little obsession I had definitely influenced a lot of things in my life. So I think personally I may be trying to keep a little of my younger years with me while growing up into an adult.

So I think I may try to read the books again, but not sure how far I will get; as this is one book series that I may not be able to finish or let go off for a long time.

Maria x


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