Day 13: Excitement

Day 13 of the challenge asks about what I am excited about? It’s hard to choose something to be excited about, because there is usually a lot to be excited about or there is nothing to be excited about.

At the moment, I am excited about a little holiday I will be taking next week for a couple of days to visit a friend. But at the moment we are focused on redecorating the house and mum’s hospital appointment, so there is not a lot of excitement going on at the moment; this is why the post is not to long today because of the house decorating.

But I think overall the thing I am excited about, is that summer is here; although summer is late getting started, but summer is here and this is exciting as it make walking the dogs a lot more enjoyable because I don’t have to get wrapped up in scarf, gloves and a coat to protect against the cold.

Maria x


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