For the last couple of day North Wales have had very warm weather, which is something of a rarity here sometime. That the first hint of sunshine and a little warmth: the shorts, flip-flops and sunshine come out so we can make the most of sunshine.

With more than a day’s sunshine, we don’t really know what do, we ask should we enjoy the sunshine? or get jobs that need doing in the garden done? so many possibilities, so little time that my family usually end up doing something in the garden, so that the next lot of warm weather we get; we say we will have a day out. But when the next period of warm weather we get some other chore has popped up that has to be completed then and there.

The best chance to enjoy the warm weather and work on our natural tan, is when we walk the two dogs and although this is such a simple way to enjoy the sun, it is one of the best ways because we are not thinking about getting out in the sun.

With living were we are in the country, we are surrounded by field that usually have cows, sheep or horses that makes for an interesting walk because depending on the animal in the field, usually cows or horses. The cows or horses usually follows till they get to the edge of the field as they think we have food for them, they are usually disappointed when we don’t have anything for them.

Toby enjoying his walk in the sunshine
Cows enjoying the sunshine.

But even through we enjoy the hot weather, we usually end up complaining that the weather is too hot, but we also say that the weather during winter is too cold. I noticed a pattern, we are never truly happy with the weather we get because it may be weather we are not used to; or we have too much of the same weather, that we long for one type of weather when we don’t have it but complain about the weather we currently have.

It makes me wonder about what if we have more consistent warmer weather and little colder like over in Miami, would we long for colder weather while complaining about the hot weather we would have? I also wonder would we ever truly, not matter what weather we get; will we be happy and just enjoy the weather and focus on the more important things in life: like family and friends. Would we put more effort in pursuing our hobbies and what makes us happy? Maria x


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