Day 11: What If

Day 11 of the challenge asks me to write about a ‘What If” situation. I try never to think about a what if situation because if you spend all your time thinking about what you would have done differently, then you would never enjoy what is happening in your life at the moment.

But for me if I would think about a ‘What If’ situation it would be what if I tried harder in school, what if I didn’t let anything from stopping me do well in school. If I’d tried harder would I have chosen a different course in college and University, what if I’d persuaded writing years earlier.

I could go on and on thinking about a ‘What If’ situation but it would only drive me crazy thinking about it, so yes I kinder wish I tried harder in school but I left school around 9 years ago and there is nothing I can do about my education situation now. But I can still do something about my writing and that is what I am currently doing, by starting this blog and slowly expanding on the writing I produce.

Maria x



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