Day 10: Strong

Day 10 of the 30 day challenge asks about something I feel strongly about and the first think that popped into my head was animal cruelty. I detest people who are cruel to animals, whether it is more forth right cruelty, to people simply ignoring their animals.

Because to me if your going to have pet, you should out the effort into looking after the animal. As the animal has feeling and can tell when something is not right with a situation, this I know from experience as one of our cats is a rescue and you get tell just from looking and feeling her ribs that she has been abused, it took Poppy over a year to truly settle with us and she will not let you pick her up with an arm underneath her butt as she doesn’t feel safe without it.

You read all these stories on the internet about situations and conditions that animals are found in, that has been caused by people who just don’t care about the animals. This annoys me as I think what has the animals done to you, as I think animals are only as bad as their owners, as animals follow their owner when it comes to their behavior pattern. If an owner is indifferent to the animal; the animal is indifferent to everything, if an owner is affectionate; the animal is affectionate as well.

Maria x


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