Day 6: Win My Heart

Day 6 of the challenge, ask for five ways to win my heart.

1: Kind to animals

2: Family Oriented

3: Be romantic

4: Like quiet nights in

5: Be honest

When it come to winning my heart, I am fairly simple in my wants. These are the top five that I can think of; off the top of my head, the top two ways is kind to animals and family oriented as this is the type of person that I am. As you already know of my small zoo and caring for my mum with my dad. As a lot of my time resolves around the first two points and if the person trying to win my heart isn’t like this, the relationship would not last long.

Being romantic and being honest are my next two because I don’t think that someone trying to be romantic, can be romantic without being honest with their intentions. As previous relationships have end because either me or my ex were not honest with what we wanted out of a relationship.

For the final way to win my heart: liking quiet nights in, is a big point with me because I am not really the type who enjoys going out and getting drunk, I don’t mind going out for a drink with friends, but only if it is with the intention of enjoying a drink rather than getting drunk.

Maria x


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