Day 4: inspiration

For day 4 of the challenge, asks for me to write about someone who inspires me. I have not one put two people who inspire me is my parents, and I know that some people would say that this is not really an answer because most parents are an inspiration to people. But my reasoning is that my family life has been uncertain for quite a while before age 11 for me, as it was at age 11 my Father and Step-mum met and resulted in a marriage in 2001.

Although it was not plain sailing after my parents were married, as we had a lot of up and down moments, with my late granddad coming to live with us, my mother’s declining health over the years, I was still in secondary school. There was a lot of trying times and although there was, potentially a couple of times a breaking point was reached my parents came out of it together a lot stronger. This showed me that as long as you are willing to put the effort in and work through the problems you will be able to come out the other end a lot stronger.

They inspire me because during all the problems that they have faced, they have remained strong and together, and although there is bad days there are more good days, were the brighter side of life can be seen. My parents especially remain strong, together and positive when my mother’s health is very bad and causing my mum an awful amount of pain and she is unable to do very much, and my father and I have to take over almost all the chores around the house.

Beside the inspiration they have given me they have taught me many life lesson that is helping me in everyday life, the biggest lesson they have taught me is to not worry or dwell on things that you have no control over, as it would only cause yourself undue stress. The second great lesson that they taught me was to not let anyone tell me what to do and do things the way I want to. Maria x


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