Day 3: Pet Peeves

Day 3 of the challenge,wants to know what my top three pet peeves are, its hard to think about pet peeves because I don’t really have pet peeves.

1: Unkind to my family

2: Unkind to animals

3: Liars

I have tried to come up with three and these were the only three that I could think off. I don’t like liars because I often wonder that if someone has lied to me once and they have been caught, there is a greater likelihood that they will lie to me again in the future so I find it hard to completely trust them after that.

My biggest pet peeves are about people who are unkind to both my family and animals. As I am very family oriented and it annoys me when people talk bad about my family, that it usually ends up with me arguing with the person that annoys me.

Being unkind to animals is by far my worst pet peeve because I am a big animal lover, as proven by my little zoo of animals I have, that if I see someone being mean or cruel to animals they would be sorry to see me because I wouldn’t let them get away unharmed.

Maria x


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