Day 1

Starting my 30 day challenge, the first challenge that has been given to me is to list 10 things that make me happy, as this is a difficult one to complete because have some many things that make me happy its hard to choose.

1: Parents                            2: Pets                     3: Crochet

4: Writing                            5: Reading              6: Korean Music

7: Video Games                  8: Friends               9: Walking

10:  Rain

Looking at the above list, it comprises of a lot of different subjects that from just the first glance may confuse some people who don’t know me; so I will give a bit of information on why the subjects make me happy.

The most obvious two that does not need much explanation is parents and friends. I love my parents and I would not have gotten to were I am today. They pushed me to do things and not to give up and if I am having problems they are there for me and is willing to help me when I ask. I really can’t explain it very well how happy my parents make me, Same with my friends they have always been there for me and are willing to help me when I need.

Pets again doesn’t need explaining, I grew up with a family pet whether is was a cat or a dog, as this has cemented my love for them and resulted in the little zoo I currently have consisting of 17 cats, 2 Border Collie dogs and a pet bunny rabbit. My animals just bring so much joy to my life they make me laugh and they help cheer me up when I am down.

Reading, Writing, Korean music, and video games, make me happy because it allows you to escape to another world right from the comfort of your own home. Being able to disappear to another world allows me to experience an avalanche of emotion from suspense to excitement.

Being able to crochet and seeing something I have spent time to create come into being makes me very happy because it is a project that I have sat down and thought about and taken time to create. The rain that makes me happy is the light spitting rain that you get on a warm summers day, as it feels very refreshing and makes me want to just go out and walk. As the light rain makes the world look a little magical and sometimes a bit of magic is needed in this world, to help deal with all the bad in the world.


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